some words about me….

Yoga was present in my life even before I came into this world, my father practised yoga and his curiosity for philosophy and Hindu mythology was immense, that’s how I got this beautiful name.

I grew up in Venezuela and since I was very little I have been fortunate enough to travel, learn and delve into the nature of my land, plants, animals. The Amazon forest, the sea in all its facets and the Andes where I spent part of my childhood, taught me the power of silence through long walks in the mountains. I also had the joy of knowing my beloved Caracas, with its incredible parks full of birds, its tall buildings, streets and picturesque corners. In the extreme contrasts of this metropolis, I discovered the power of keeping an open mind,

In 1999 I decided to come to Europe and after studying sound and lighting in Vienna and having worked in different companies, I started searching again for yoga in my life. I started going to classes of different dance styles and yoga practices and through this a deep interest awoke in me to start working with the body.

I came to Barcelona looking for just this, to move, nourish and learn, one morning after taking a yoga class, which I left feeling so much freer, I decided to do my training as a teacher.
My classes are open to all ages, all levels, and are the result of all these years of travel and study, not only in yoga and dance, but also massage. Full of sweetness, inspiration, warmth and fun, with a solid base in alignment so that each student can embody their own expansion, awakening consciousness of themselves and their bodies and experience more freedom in their lives!


“El momento en que un estudiante hace la conexión entre su cuerpo y su mente para mi es mágico, lo puedes ver en su cara y todo su cuerpo vibra de una manera distinta, es en ese instante que siento la mayor satisfacción por lo que hago y el poder de esta práctica”

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