It is Sattva

your spiritual




and No


my parents gave

me that name

when I was born. 

In Vedic


Sattva is a

Sanskrit word for purity, harmony

and balance.

Sattva is an artist and a Hatha Yoga teacher based in Vienna, originally from Venezuela, at a young age she already knew about yoga and meditation, but wasn’t till she came to Europe that she reconnected with the teachings of yoga.


Her classes are the result of many years of dedication and study, with a solid base in alignment in which students can embody their own experience and connect the teachings of yoga to their lives.


With over a decade of teaching experience in Barcelona, where she has lived for 12 years, she decided to keep herself free from any trade marked yoga style, since it conflicted with her vision about this ancestral wisdom. A spiritual tradition which was rooted in oral transmission from teacher to student, and passed onward through their relationship, based in a life dedication rather than a body work or a technique.


Her main teachers have been  Susana Garcia Blanco and Richard Freeman among many others. She is a devoted Iyengar practicioner which has influenced her Teaching style profoundly.


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All photos here are made by the great Jekaterina Nikitina

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