The entire Universe is condensed in the body, and the entire body in the Heart. Thus the Heart is the nucleus of the whole Universe.

Ramana Maharshi


My classes are open to all ages, all levels, and are the result of all these years of travel and study, not only in yoga and dance, but also massaging, nutrition and meditation. Full of sweetness, inspiration, warmth and fun, with a solid base in alignment so that each student can embody their own expansion, awakening consciousness of themselves and their bodies and experience more freedom in their lives!


Yoga is the commitment to create a change in our minds and in our actions, to walk our talk and bring the teachings of the practice into our lives in order to create a better society. Workshops are an excellent space to deepen your practice, to understand better the philosophy and the teachings of yoga and how to apply them on a day-to-day basis.


The Teacher Training offers a space where students who seek to explore the profound teachings of yoga can delve. Learning the necessary skills for their own transformation, start a journey that will set a solid foundation and the tools for everyday life. In collaboration with YogaWege a certified and dedicated school of Yoga, based in Vienna with a large team of teachers I am bringing my Yoga expertise to Vienna…